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F cheated 2 months before our wedding B/f cheated 2 months before our wedding? I 23 and have been with my fiance for 2 years.He called me the next day and told me we had to talk as soon as he came home.When he came home he told me everything, after a lot of tears from both us we decided that we would put everything behind us.And we thought we did until pictures showed up on facebook of him on his trip with the girl he cheated with.My whole family seen them and they are very upset.My mom and dad have begged me to call off the wedding.Actually refusing to come if i go through with it. I love my boyfriend and truly believe he is sorry.I always dreamed about my wedding day, but i want my family there.How can i get them to forgive him? I agree that he betrayed you and he definitely is in the wrong.You have to definitely evaluate this situation and listen to what your gut tells you to do.I honestly don know what i would do but.He did rush home and tell you.I sure a lot of guys would just hide it from their girlfriends.It sounds like he regrets it and i sure it took a lot for him to come to you knowing that it could have ended the relationship that took 2 years to build.It a tough situation.All you can do is listen to yourself.There are a few reason i would choose to do this.First, give your family time to accept what happened, forgive your fiance and begin to respect him again.If you dont do this, i think your wedding could be ruined.Your family support seems to be important to you, and right now you do not have their support.Things will cool down eventually but only with time> let your family cherish your wedding day instead of being nervous or scared that you made a bad choice.I 24yr old married woman, so i can relate to you.You do not want to throw yourself into that situation when you are at an unstable point in your relationship.You may also want to reevaluate the situation in light of what happened only a few weeks ago.Marriage is a huge huge decision that you will make that will determine the rest of your life.I know you want this wedding to happen but do it the right way so it can be a memorable, beautiful, happy event that will start off your marriage.It will be worth the wait. Girl, i have been here!Follow your heart!Alcohol plays a huge part in the story.First of all, its not your job to fix this.Your fiance needs to go to your parents and beg for forgiveness!You know deep down if he really loves you.Don blame yourself or do something you will regret years from now.Listen to that little voice in your head.Its always right!You are so young.Your parents are looking out for their little girl and dont want to see her hurt.It your life and your choice.How do you feel about him cheating?Can you forgive him?Will this come up years from now?Did you picture this when you"Dreamed of your wedding? " He is a cheater at heart.He does not love and cherish you as he should. This is not a guy that is ready to settle down and stay married.He is not ready for a steady, committed and stable relationship. The people that really love you, have already given you the best advice.That being to leave him. It is hard to leave him and move on.It might seem like that there is no one else out there. However, as much as it hurts to leave him now.If you wait, later down the road when he leaves you, it will hurt even worse. Marriage is a lifetime covenant.It is very, extremely hard to find a guy that will date a divorced woman, they want the woman with no baggage.It is also hard to find a guy to date single mother.I am just telling you the truth. You are young, single and you do not have any kids yet.You do not need this little boy.He is not a man yet. Put your future into perspective.Ask yourself where you want to be and what you want 20 years down the road? If you had a son with this guy, would you want your son to be like this person in twenty years from now?If not.Then run. If you had a daughter and some guy did this to her, how would you be feeling about it right now? Listen, be thankful that you found out who this guy was, before marrying him. He is not going to change.He can even control his own lusts. I know that this is a hard decision for you.You have asked this same question more than once.Think about the answers people have given to you, consider that they have experience in relationships and with being cheated on. There are so many woman like yourself that have forgiven a cheater and taken him back. When someone loses something they cry.Look up the word psychopath on the internet.The majority of people that commit violent crimes cry when they get caught.They are not crying for the crime that they committed, but only because they got caught. Your boyfriend knew those pictures would end up on facebook, that is why he wanted to tell you before you saw them.He wanted to tell you first.He knew that he would get caught anyway and that the best way to keep you, was to tell you first.