Pandora Silver Beads but it seemed like disney would have

Monday featured poster Monday featured poster Rooting it.I grew up listening to old country and 50's good ole'(My favorite song growing up was"Which is the day"By associate holly.I didn't know he had died a long time before i was born).I hated country music for an extended time, but i have since grown to understand it. But i am fashionable big fan of david bowie, lou reed(So sad this individual passed), 70's Elton jesse, The authorities, The beginning of U2, Rapid 80's punk and new wave.I think 1983 was prefer year for music ever. I'm a big fan of ideals so also frank sinatra, rosemary oil, mint clooney, dean martin, tony bennett.I like some jazz miles davis is probably one of the best there. I also love the avitt inlaws.Avett?Too lazy chic it up. : ) I need a pic of the candy cane tutu! I love disney land.I'm a californian but and also to disney world.It feels much the same.Disney is disney and it doesn't matter how sad i am it makes me happy. : ) When i was at disney world it was for a work summit.My sister was crictally ill and had been in and out of the hospital for at least a year at that point.It wasn't a good trip for me generally speaking, but i keep in mind my heart just lifting when we got there.It was pretty most excellent. I went to universal many years ago after attending a friends' wedding in fl.It was just a month or more after the harry potter part opened.It was so sensational looking, Pandora Silver Beads but it seemed like disney would have done it better. I went to worldwide in la once, but it was when it was still being really a studio tour, not a amusement park.I might visit every time they open the west coast harry potter. : )